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MechHead Corp. Security Force

This page details the MechHead Secutity Force, which protects and provides in house security to the MechHead Corp. campus on Macintosh, as well as our office on New Avalon.
MechHead Security Force

It all started 20 years ago with one man guarding a door.
The MechHead security force is headed by Ajax Brance, a grizzled veteran and good friend of the CEO. He, like his boss, is from the periphery planet known as Lost World. His force consists of 4 updated Goblins for patrol duty, along with four platoons of foot infantry to fill them. Also, incase of a major attack on the premises, the force also can call on a lance of Battlemechs. The group can also rely on its so-called “special forces” segment, which consists of a lance of Lost Worlder’s tanks and 2 Hailstorm 3s. The unit logo is an Atlas’s head on a green background with the unit’s initials underneath.

Ajax Brance is a very unassuming mechwarrior. He , unlike most of his fellow mechwarriors, does not deride armor and infantry, but egarly allows them into his forces and uses them to great effect. Many assume this is because of his Periphery upbringing.

The security force excels at urban warfare and the testing of prototype designs.

When needing transport, the unit normally hitches a ride on one of the company dropships.

The Force consists of:
4 upgraded Goblin IFVs
4 Platoons of Foot Infantry
and 1 lance of mechs-Victor, Hatchetman, Enforcer, and an Urbanmech

MechHead Corp. Security Force
CO: Colonel Ajax Brance
XO: Major Jack Tomson
This company specializes is protecting their holding company’s assests.


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