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MechHead Corp.

Welcome one and all to a new era in designs. We here at MechHead Corporation design and also sometimes produce a wide variety of vehicles, and soon to be mechs . We have had orders from as small as a single periphery world, to the largest Succesor States. We hope you find our ideas innovative and comapritavly priced. We do design only, production only, design and limited production / full production, and also one of a kind designs. We hope we suit your needs. Soon on this page will be links to our designs that you can buy.
MechHead Corp. Security Force
New!Custom Javelin ModNew!
Contact our front office

Please Specify in Your Message:

1. Type of Vehicle- Tracked, Hover, Wheeled, etc.
2. The approximate tonnage desired(For example aproximatly 40-55 tons) .
3. Tech Level(1, 2, or 3).
4. Any equipment you do not want(I. E. Faction specific) .
5. A breif overvew with speed, mission, suggestions, etc.

We are proud to have produced the fllowing designs
Soon to be shown on this page:
1. The Hailstorm class family of VTOLs- most for anyone
2. Lost Worlder’s support tank- To everyone
3. Prototype Light omni tank- Cetain versions for everone


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