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On this Page I will put Battletech and non Battletech related links. Also.maybe a short blurb or rating may be below or beside the link. i hope to make this page a great resource for those of you searching the web for anything Battletech related like I used to do. i even might institue a rating system or something…
Battletech related
The mother site. Has lists of what books are for sale, offical news and errata(essentially corrctions to thier products), timelines, and more. Also on the site is the very popular forums, which is very lively and full of people who really know what they are talking about.

This place has a special meaning to me, in that it was one of the first Battletech sites i really liked. Has not been updated in forever, but has a HUGE amount of designs, most with self done pictures, and cover every fighting unit in Battletech. Also has a forum, that is a part of’s forums. Is much slower, but was a good one in its time, with good people.

This site combine my two favorite things: Legos, and Battletech! Has a huge number of designs, both Classic Battletech and MW:DA. Also has a shop where you can buy some of the designs! A great site, only wish I had the money to buy one of his mechs!
More links to come!
send me some suggestions for more links!


5 Responses to “Links”

  1. Erick Flores said

    Sam you should post a link for a website I visit regulary called if you never visited the website it’s all about battletech mechs and vehicles. It’s battletech mechs made using legos they are so good. Keep doing a great job on the show

  2. wars128 said

    I too go there all the time Eric! Thanks for the suggestion and I really should add the site to this page. I actually have talked about it on the show, but a LONNNGGG while back…

  3. Halfie said

    Hi Sam,

    I just finished listening to your all your podcasts from Itunes. I love that there are other like me that still play. You talked about mega mech(sp?)? Could you give a web site that could be douwn louded from? I play Mech Commander and Mechwarrior 4 (Mercenaries). If you would like a game to play try out Gunmetal from Merscom. It is a simalar to battletech as you pilot a mech that can also change to a jet plane. Also go luck on finals

  4. wars128 said

    Mega Mek can be found at
    Thanks for the Comment!

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