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Review: Starter Book Sword and Dragon

Posted by ghost0402 on September 10, 2007

For those who have been around the game since early on, you surely remember the old unit/scenario books. The Black Widows, Kell Hounds, MAC, Highlanders and other units got a book dedicated to them, with their history, notable persons, TO&E at various times, and scenarios. While fan favorites, they died off after awile. Well folks, those books are back, sort of.

As the name implies, this is a Starterbook and is intended as a companion to the new Introductory Boxed Set. It is an easy way for a someone new to Classic Battletech to get deeper involved in the universe then with the Boxed Set

Sword and Dragon details 2 units. McKinnon’s Raiders of the 7th Crucis Lancers RCT(FedSuns), and Sorenson’s Sabres of the 5th Sword of Light though I think that changed(Draconis Combine). As with the earlier unit books, the Starterbook gives you a nice in depth history of both units, descriptions of members of both units, their TO&E through the years(So you can play in multiple time periods once you advance beyond the Boxed Set to Total Warfare and beyond), and some scenarios in the book. The back of the book even comes with quite a few record sheets so you can start playing in just a few minutes using either the Raiders or the Sabres. Being a supplement to the Boxed Set, the only other mechs mentioned and used in the Starterbook come from the boxed set, so no other rule books or supplemental material is required. The Scenarios are easy to use, and can be as simple or as detailed as you want since most of the scenario writing is up to you the player, so there is no limit on who can use and enjoy the scenarios. To top it off, the entire book is in color, and has some of the best artwork in a new book in recent memory.

All in all, for $20, this Starterbook is an excellent book for those new to the game, or those who have been around the universe for sometime.


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Site of the week!

Posted by wars128 on September 2, 2007

Hey all! Just got done with my first week of school. So far so good, but it definitely is going to be harder than last year, but anyways..there might be a new show for yall if I can overcome whatever sickness that I have right now. You wouldn’t want an entire show full of sniffling and sneezing, would you? Also, I finally have a new computer and it is sweet! But back to the article at hand. This weeks site was introduced to me by our Resident Expert, Ghost0402. it is . It is a forum site, similar to the ones, but much less people and a bit laid back. There are many things to read and do there, such as Ghost’s Merc unit’s battles,games, and more. I really enjoy it. It may not update as often, but its still a good site.
http://www.btechunits.comGets 5 Timber Wolfs out of 5
Have a good labor day,

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The Ceaser

Posted by ghost0402 on January 30, 2007

Alright folks, the new RE here with some additional info on the Caeser.
Probably the most important thing about the Caeser, it is a blatant rip-off the Cataphract. The Fedcom manged to get their hands on at least one, more than likely a few Cappellan Cataphracts and went about rebuilding the mech so it didn’t look like a Cataphract.

Weighing in at 70 tons, it has a basic chassis, and an XL engine to cram on what at the time was a fairly impressive weapons suite that Wars128 talked about in the Podcast. The problem though, a 55-ton Griffin has more armor than this thing. Which, isn’t a hugely horrible thing, the mech ought to be used mostly for long ranged direct fire support, or barring that, a heavy mech to acompany medium mechs around.

Things to change. You don’t need 16 DHS. Ditch 2 of them and get rid of the MPL’s for say a Streak rack and some normal medium lasers with the extra tonnage going right back into armor. That would fix the only real problem with the mech that i can see.

Wars 128 mentioned making a IIC version of this mech. Don’t bother, the Summoner(Thor) Omnimech is the same size and you can do just about anything with it since it is an Omnimech.

That’s all for now folks, attached below is a minor mod to the Caeser-3R with the mods I mentioned earlier. Enjoy.

Caeser-3R Mod

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