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New email!

Posted by wars128 on October 13, 2008

I finally got around to getting a new email adress. While I wasn’t able to get the one that I wanted, oddly enough, I did get a good one. From now on send all emails to :

Next up for the show is getting a domain name and upgrading the podcast service, as well as the blog.


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TRO Thursday!

Posted by wars128 on October 11, 2007

Todays TRO s my brand new 3050U. I will be giving an in-depth review of it in an upcoming episode of the podcast, so I won’t talk much here, but i’ll tell you the Important things:
1. $35 For something I pretty much already own! They used to be 25 dollars…
2. All the IS and clan designs look badass!
3. Nearly all the Star League designs(This book takes the mechs, aerospace fighters, and vees from 2750 and puts them in with the updated IS designs and the original 16 clan mechs)look awful…..
I’m still unsure if its worth the price, but if you are able to poke around in so..overall its got some great artwork with the IS models..for some odd reason, a lot of them are fighting Elementals…

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New Show(Sorta)

Posted by wars128 on October 9, 2007

Just put out episode # 37, and boy does it feel good! Episode 38 is already recorded, but 39+ is not, so send me some suggestions!!!!

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Busy Busy Busy, yet, yet, again…

Posted by wars128 on September 20, 2007

I severly apologize for the lack of shows and blog posts..things have been really busy around here with school and life. I should have a show for this coming week, but id like some suggestions for MOTW, VOTW, etc. i’m just getting back into rythm and soon there will be more shows.

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Hard week

Posted by wars128 on September 11, 2007

Updates and blog posts may be a bit scarce this week, due to the fact that I am very freaking busy. Hopefully, by next week everything will be back to normal. And if this cold will go away by the weekend, then yall will have a nice and shiny brand new show soon. New Tech Tues may or may not happen ths week, depending on how fast i can get my homework done.

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Site of the week!

Posted by wars128 on September 2, 2007

Hey all! Just got done with my first week of school. So far so good, but it definitely is going to be harder than last year, but anyways..there might be a new show for yall if I can overcome whatever sickness that I have right now. You wouldn’t want an entire show full of sniffling and sneezing, would you? Also, I finally have a new computer and it is sweet! But back to the article at hand. This weeks site was introduced to me by our Resident Expert, Ghost0402. it is . It is a forum site, similar to the ones, but much less people and a bit laid back. There are many things to read and do there, such as Ghost’s Merc unit’s battles,games, and more. I really enjoy it. It may not update as often, but its still a good site.
http://www.btechunits.comGets 5 Timber Wolfs out of 5
Have a good labor day,

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Weapon Wednesday!

Posted by wars128 on August 1, 2007

Heres weapon Wednesday, and I hope to have the newest podcast up as well sometime today.
Inner Sphere Pulse Lasers
I think IS pulse lasers get a bad rap. On the offical classicbattletech forums, t seems that no one likes them there. They are constantly being bashed, saying the clans ones are so much better. I say, well of course they are1 there the freaking clans! If you compare hem to eachother, of course the clans ones are better , but you have to pay attention to use. Most clanners still fight other clanners, not spheriods, so the Clan pulse laser can be considered short ranged, when it is in its own element. Compared to other IS weapons, the IS pulse lasers are not as bad as everyone says they are versus IS opponents.

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Last weeks stats:

Posted by wars128 on July 23, 2007

Here are the podcasts stats stats for the week of Monday the 16 – Saturday the 21:
Page Views: 217
Feed Views: 1150
Downloads: 333
Unique Visitors: 93
Keep it up guys! also, in one month almost 5 Gigabytes of MechHead Podcasts were downloaded!

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Space upgrade

Posted by wars128 on July 15, 2007

Seems I have to buy the space upgrade if I want to have the podcasts on here, so it may be awhile before they make thier way onto this site…
Its not much, but I am unable to get anything online due to the fact that my card has expirered. GRRR…ohwell…

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Podcast coming soon

Posted by wars128 on July 15, 2007

Finally figured out what the problem was. Seems my thumb drive just ran out of psace. Now everything is fine again. Unfourtunatly, I am running out of space on my podomatic account, so I may have to take down my first couple of shows….I will try to put those shows up here.

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