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The Ultimate Urban Combat Team!(Part 1)

Posted by wars128 on August 20, 2007

I like urban combat. Maybe thats because 2 of my favorite weapons are LPLs and LBX-AC 20s…
any ways, here are the designs that feel are worthy, and why. Feel free to leave comments about this, or suggest others!
UrbanMech-Everyone loves the Urbie!!!
Panther– This mech thrives in urban combat.
Enforcer-Decent mobility, and nice weapons choices..
Hatchetman-That big axe.
Hunchback-No Brainer…
Wyvern-strange set of weapons, but boy do they work!
Anihilator-the 4 AC-10s!
Highlander-Having 90 tons coming crashing down onto you via the Highlander Burial!
Victor-AC-20 + jumpjets= yummy!
Thats it for now. The only designs I choose were ones designed for urban combat, not ones that simply ened up being used for it. Next up will cover level two IS designs!
(Vehicles to come eventually)


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MOTW: Why quads aren’t liked very much

Posted by wars128 on August 20, 2007

Quads have their pluses, but also their minuses. i took me a try or two before I figured out how to use one. The flaws that a quad has can greatly undo you. Take, for instance, the lack of arms. That may not seem to be so bad, but having no arms means having no arm bracket weapons to fire. If you don’t win the initiative, it is harder for a person playing as a quad, because you have to watch your sides as well as your back. That, in my opinion is the most glaring problem with quads, but it is not one that is so bad that you shouldn’t use quads. As long as a quad has all four legs, it is very hard to get knocked over by, say, a +20 point hit. That can be very useful…
In conclusion, when you play with quads you have to think a little differently with them. If you have never used one before, try one. You may end up preferring it.

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