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About the show
The MechHead Podcast is a Podcast dedicated to the wide and wonderful universe of Battletech. It was first started sometime mid 2005. On the show, various designs are reviewed,contests are held, among other things. This blog is a companion to the Podcast, keeping listeners up to date in the Podcasters life and news about Battletech, as well as various other things. The blog fetures more in depth reviews of show topics, as well as special posts not available on the podcast.

Sam-Podcaster/inventor of the mechHead Podcast
Hey everyone! I am Sam, the host of the MechHead podcast, so far the first and only podcast fully dedicated to Battletech! Check the blog to learn all the latest news about the Battletech universe, the MechHead podcast, and my life. I am 20, and a full time Sophmore college student. I have been into Sci-Fi since I first could read, and have been into Battletech for about 8 years now. I am also into tech trends, which is how I got into podcasting in the first place. I am also an apple fanboy, but I’m one of the good ones.

Ghost0402- Resident Expert Extrordinare


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  1. CerealJohn said


    Keep up the good work Sam!


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