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Is it just me or…

Posted by wars128 on December 4, 2008

Is it just me or are Battlemechs becoming stranger and stranger looking with each TRO?

I was glancing through my newish copy of TRO 3075 recently,  and was struck by how many of the mechs were very strange. Not only were they not humanoid like, which many mechs are not, but very much so to where it is just plain weird.

I will not name names, but…

-One looks like it is just a Skeleton, with buck teeth. Surprisingly, this is not a WOB mech.

-Another I cannot really tell it has a head, unless you think of the upper slabs of it shoulders, with the small head squashed in between, like some bodybuilder.

-The Celestials are just in another league themselves….

-One clan’ll just have to see or yourself….Takes the term “Torso mounted cockpit” To a whole new level. By the way the art looks, one would think that the CT and head locations on the to hit rolls would have been switched. Speaking of which, where in the world is the Engine on this mech?

-The clans have a Quad mech whose head looks like it is a hatchet blade being swallowed whole by some lion/hippo thingy.

-Yet another looks like it has dual cockpits, but of course does not show for it on the record sheet. house rule, anyone?

-Another is just a very thin rectangle to view out of. Would not want to pilot that mech, no matter how many externally mounted cameras it had.

-One has an oval shaped cockpit bubble, but mounted vertically. Actually, now that I look at it, it looks like an upside down raindrop.

-Large bubble cockpits and straight lines are popular, as well as claws on the hands.

And that does not even include the “Old” mechs!

-One mounts what looks like a weird looking horn on its head…

-Why would you have an antenna longer than the length of your cockpit sticking out the back of your mechs head? Wouldn’t that just snap off if you turned your mechs head sideways while running through a forest or something?

-The Riflemans successor…just look at it looks like one of the aliens from the movie Independence Day…

-One would look like a Battle suited human, having two windows that loo like eyes, except hands can’t bend the way this guys does.

-Another freakishly long back of head antenna, along with the biggest AC barrel drawing that i can remember. Funny thing is, its only representing an AC 10!

Once this book has been out for a bit longer, i shall re-update this with names.


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Posted by wars128 on December 4, 2008

Now I know I have been very lax about posting to the blog and doing shows, but in a nutshell: shcool kicked my tail this year. But with the school year ending, and an entire month off aproching fast, my love for battletech and podcastign is reviving. I have a new exciting project that I am currently working on that I think everyone will like pretty well. So far I only have one more exam to go, along with a giant paper.After that i will be free!

Wish me luck,


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