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So your trying to get a friend to play BattleTech…

Posted by wars128 on October 15, 2008

So you want to show a friend the game of Battletech. Not teach them the rules, or anything, just a short game. Well, which mech would you choose for your friend? I’d humbly suggest the Shadow Hawk.

The Shadow Hawk gives a beginner a taste of the maneuverability of mechs, as well as a wide variety of weapons to choose from. Also, the mech cannot overheat unless you crit the engine, making it a perfect mech for new players.

Th maneuverability is enough to get through sparse wooded areas with ease. The JumpJets allow for more complicated maneuvers, such as the DFA. The Shadow Hawk is not sluggish, but not so fast where you can have excess MP quite often. Each manuver has to be thought about, not the case in many faster mechs.

The weaponry on this mech comes from all of the various weapon “families”. This allows a new player to experience the positives and negatives of many different types of weapons. The variety also allows the user to be able to respond to enemy attacks at any range, from 21 hexes, or to close range slug fests.

One of the harder things to grasp correctly in Battletech, in my opinion, is good heat control. Luckily, in the Shadow Hawk, you really don’t have to worry about that. This mech is more likely to be destroyed by ammunition explosions before its engine gets hit. Although you could use other low heat generating mechs, such as the Bug mechs, at least with the Shadow Hawk you can fight outside of 9 hexes. The mech also carries many of the most iconic and common weapons of its era.

The Shadow Hawk is a good starting point for someone being shown Battletech. It is also a good mech to learn the ropes in, and is a good stepping stone to more specialized designs.

If this looks/ sounds like a school report, that’s because I wrote it during a class. School must have rubbed off on it a bit.


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