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Posted by wars128 on October 15, 2008

Getting all those new books got me thinking about Battletech, and one thing in specific came to mind. What if all the TW rules, at least the ones for infantry, are a return to the past?
In the original TRO, many mechs had anti-infantry weapons like small lasers, mgs, and flamers. This suggests that infantry were quite a threat. After that book, though, anti infantry weapons on mechs were few and far between. Whith the rise of TW, however, anti infantry weapons are having a resurgence. But no need to go out and get a brand new mech. Many mechs from TRO 3025 are still viable in this role. Take the Stinger, for instance. Replace it’s medium laser with a flamer, and you’ve got yourself a very cheap but effective anti-infantry design perfectly suited for guarding your newer designs against the infantry menance!


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