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Chicago, what a place!

Posted by wars128 on May 8, 2008

Chicago has been great. I’ve been to two museums so far, one that had an old WWII era captured german submarine. It was huge!!!! It wieghed 740 tons, which makes those 300 ton limit for combat subs look tiny! I am used to seeing WWII era subs with deck guns, and was suprised to find this one armed with AA guns. Wouldn’t it be neat to have anti-submarine warefare in Battletech? Though that would be fairly complicated, it might be fun. Its fun being in such a big city, not that im from a small town or anything, but im not used to being surounded by skyscrapers nearly wherever I go. This mornign I saw a street sign that said “15 ton wieght limit”. My frist thought upon seeing it was “That sucks, you couldn’t have a mech on it.” Really, im not kidding. I guess I really am a MechHead.


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