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Posted by wars128 on April 8, 2008

Was at home watching the NCAA champinonchp game with the family, but before the game started I got to go on my old computer, which has my old mech design software on it. Sure its been transferred over to my laptop, but you can’t have an emulator running inside an emmulator, so it dosent even work on my laptop. Anyhew, I was looking at all the designs with fresh, Mega Mek battle tested eyes, and I realized, that while I may have been a bit munch with many of the designs mounting Large Pulse Lasers tied to targetting computers, Most were pretty good. Its good to know that I should be able to salvage most of the 300 or so designs on it. Not looking forward to tranferring everything though. In other news, I am on track to get a summer job, which means more BattleTech Book reviews!


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