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First Real mech battle!

Posted by wars128 on March 2, 2008

Played my first real mech battle( I. e. on a real board, human opponent,heat, IS etc.). We each had a custom 70 tonner. My friends was suspiciously like an Archer K,4/6 with 2 large lasers and two LRM 10s. (He had asked me for suggestions, and thats what i came up with). Mine went 4/6/4, had a PPC, LRM 5, and 3 medium lasers with an insane number of heatsinks(21 total), and a lot of armor. I didn’t realize until after the game that I nearly made a Grasshopper. The game was only 4 or so rounds, and we each only hit each other once. He won the initiative most of the time, but in the end, it was me who got lucky. I roll for the PPC. 12. Headshot. I roll for the critical. Cockpit. I wished it would have gone on longer, so that he could see how much damage mechs can take, but oh well. Then I went on to play warhammer 40K(His preferred war board game of choice), but he is interested in forming a mercenary unit, so I guess that means he wants to play again. We might play later this week, and I’m planning on introducing him to Vehicles next.
Ill have a more in-depth report of the next battle I do.


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