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Mech Monday Part 2

Posted by wars128 on February 11, 2008

Now it s time to see if the Atlas can make a come back against the Dire Wolf Prime!
The computer controlled Atlas starts in the north, while the Human controlled Dire Wolf starts in the south.
Round 1: both move forward, the Atlas hiding behind a hill.
Round 2:The Atlas stays still.
Round 3:The Atlas runs out into the open! Not much damage is done on either side
Round 4: Atlas tries to flank the Dire Wolf. Dire Wolf gets a little bit of damage in.
Round 5:Atlas continues flanking. The Dire Wolf scores a lucky engine hit, while the Atlas misses with all of its weapons. The Atlas is running very hot.
Round 6; Atlas moves into heavy woods, Dire Wolf into light woods. Atlas takes minor damage and woods set on fire.
Round 7: Atlas stays in place, so does Dire Wolf. both mechs miss with most of their weapons, but a medium laser and an SRM hit the Dire Wolfs head, but no black out.
Round 8: Atlas stays where it is, Dire Wolf closes. Dire Wolf only hits with one weapon, while atlas did not fire.
Round 9:Same movement as last round. Dire Wolf misses with everything, 16 LRMs hit it.
Round 10: Dire Wolf finds heavy woods, Atlas stays still. Atlas hit for 20 damage, including a large laser to the head.
Round 11: Both stay in their wooded areas. Atlas again hit for 20+ damage.
Round 12:Both stay again. Atlas hit with an ER Large.
Round 13:Dire Wolf Closes. Atlas’s AC 20 is critted.
Round 14: Dire Wolf closes more,Atlas hides behind woods.
Round 15:2 hexes separate the mechs. Dire Wolf hit for 20+ damage.
Round 16:1 hexes apart. Dire Wold loses an UAC5 and an ER Large Laser, but Atlas loses RT.
Round 17. Smoke hides the Atlas.
Round 18:Atlas takes 41 damage from weapons.
19: Atlas hides.
20:Dire wolf fires everything it has…first shot hits the head.
Dire Wolf wins with 1112BV remaining!


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