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Web Site of the Week

Posted by wars128 on February 10, 2008

Classic BattleTech-Re-Reading cover to cover, Decision to Endgame

This great blog by Forum Mod Welshman is doing a daunting task: Reread every Classic BattleTech book and blog about them. So far he’s still on the very first book, but this is a very neat idea with great analysis. This blog can hope to reignite interest in novels that you never bought. This should be good!


3 Responses to “Web Site of the Week”

  1. y0mbo said

    It’s too bad he’s using Xanga… there’s no way to subscribe to RSS without signing in.

    … and since I have to sign in to comment, I won’t be doing that either.

  2. wars128 said

    I was able to get his rss feed using my browser, and then copied and pasted it into a feed reader. Hey, nothings perfect. I bet he probably didn’t expect many people to read the thing, and since a lot of people on the forums use xanga….

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