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Best Mechs of TRO 3050

Posted by wars128 on February 9, 2008

TRO 3050 is dubiously known as giving us some of the worst mech designs out there, and in bulk. There are some diamonds among all the awful designs. Here are my picks for the best designs from TRO 3050(Note: 3050U designs not counted, as well as clan designs, since I have much less experience with them.)
Light Mechs
COM-5S Commando: A solid upgrade, more survivability due to slightly better armor and CASE. Not awe inspiring, but not a mistake either.

RVN-3L Raven: The first truly usable Raven. An electronics marvel.

WLF-2 Wolfhound: Double heat sinks and an ER Large laser upgrades proves simple upgrades are best.

Medium Mechs
CLNT-2-3U Clint: Finally gives the Clint the punch is deserves.

VND-3L Vindicator: More proof that “simpler is better” upgrades are better.

Heavy Mechs

ARC-4M Archer: The best mech in the book, hands down. A perfect upgrade.

CPLT-C3: The first mech to mount Arrow IV, and the standard for any new Arrow IV based designs to look up to.

Assault Mechs

BNC-5S Banshee: The Banshee becomes a beast.

MAL-1R Mauler: One of my favorite Kurita mechs to use.

Those are my favorites, what are yours? Leave which mechs you like the best from TRO 3050 in the comments.


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