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It came from the Forums! Again!

Posted by wars128 on February 7, 2008

Posted by ELSni in “The Crazy Shot Files. Keep ’em coming.” Thread:
Weapons fire for LRM Carrier (3055) ID:25 (Sni)
LRM 20 at Atlas AS7-C ID:4 (xxx); needs 11, rolls 9 : misses.
LRM 20 at Atlas AS7-C ID:4 (xxx); needs 11, rolls 3 : misses.
20 at Atlas AS7-C ID:4 (xxx); needs 11, rolls 12 : AMS engages.6
missile(s) hit (using Partial cover table) (ECM prevents bonus).
Atlas AS7-C ID:4 (xxx) ID:4 suffers no damage.(LL behind cover)
Atlas AS7-C ID:4 (xxx) takes 1 damage to CT (critical). 38 Armor remaining.
Critical hit on CT. Roll is 10; 2 locations.
<<<CRITICAL HIT>>> on Engine.
<<<CRITICAL HIT>>> on Engine.
Atlas AS7-C ID:4 (xxx) has taken 2 engine hits this round.
Checking for engine explosion on 12, roll is 12.
***The safety systems on the engine fail catastrophically resulting in a cascading engine failure!

*** Atlas AS7-C ID:4 (xxx) DESTROYED by engine explosion! ***
Archer ARC-7L ID:5 (xxx) is hit for 7 damage!
Archer ARC-7L ID:5 (xxx) takes 5 damage to CT. 24 Armor remaining.
Archer ARC-7L ID:5 (xxx) takes 2 damage to LL. 26 Armor remaining.

Atlas got shot at by a company of my units, which all missed. Only the
Carrier scored 1 point of damage on the undamaged titan and apparently
killed it Wink

That is just beyond belief. I wish I could get that lucky in Mega Mek!
Note: This was not my post from the forums.


One Response to “It came from the Forums! Again!”

  1. ElSni said

    Holy shit, where did you find this? I posted this ages ago and I just googled my old online handle again to find this. Good times!

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