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Posted by wars128 on February 4, 2008

Don’t you love it when parents use the investments they put into you? I was a manual labor machine all weekend, but I don’t mind.  get free room and board, a comfy chair with arms that I wish I was writing this blog post from, etc etc. Schools starting to pick up a bit, so I doubt I’ll be able to do a blog post every day, but I’m going to try to. Podcast will be up tonight if I don’t run into any issues…One day late isn’t so bad, huh? I’ve been playing StarCraft,an old PC game, and I remember a guy who I got into BattleTech trying to make BattleTech versions of the designs in StarCraft. well, on the last level I was on, I unlocked the Mech, called a Goliath. Has”Autocannons and Javelin Missiles” It took me a while to realize that you didn’t have to make a mech like that, one already existed! The Goliath would be the JM6-A, which trades the AC5s for LRM 15s. If you wanted to be more exact, you’d take off the Medium lasers for more armor, and turn the AC2s into LBXs or LACs, since in the game they don’t have a minimum range. This weekend ill get something involving that done. I have quite a few story ideas wizzing around in my head these days, most of them Battletech related, so expect to see more stories coming up sometime! Theres much more to come…


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