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Mech Monday!

Posted by wars128 on February 4, 2008

Can a 2/2 3025 Atlas Pilot beat a 4/5 Dire wolf Prime? Lets find out!
Takes place on the Battletech map of Mega Mek, at opposite sides. BV: Atlas-2,413 Dire Wolf-2,341.
Round 1:
Dire Wolf takes the high point on the far upper right, Atlas down below, also on high ground, but with woods. Dire wolf is just out of AC-20 range, so the Atlas can only use its LRM 20. Both mechs hit with their weaponry, but do minimal damage, the Dire Wolf close to PSRing the Atlas. Dire Wolf got a bit warm that round, ending at 4 heat..
Round 2:Atlas closes, but not much. Dire Wolf keeps the distance at 10 hexes. Atlas wins this round, hitting with most of its LRMs, while the Dire Wolf only hit with single taps from tis UAC5s.
Round 3:Atlas tries to close again, but still gets kept at range by the Dire Wolf. Atlas misses, Dire Wolf hits for 28 damage but the Atlas does not go down. Dire Wolf heats up again.
Round 4:Atlas closes one hex. The Dire Wolf was backed up into a corner, so it moved forward into some  light woods behind a hill. Only 15 damage total is done this round, 10 of it on the Atlas.
Round 5: Dire Wolf stays where it is, while the Atlas keeps on going towards it. Atlas finally does over 20 damage to the Dire Wolf, but the Dire wolf did nearly double the atlas’s damage.
Round 6: the Atlas covers 3 hexes of open terrain, equaling the distance it went the past 3 rounds. Dire Wolf again decides to stay where it is. The Ac 20 is first used this round,but still the Dire wolf does more damage.
Round 7; The Dire wolf is hiding in a fire. Will that help it? Two AC 20 shots to the CT in the same amount t of turns gives the Dire Wolf an engine hit and two gyro hits. The Atlas lost nearly 50 points of armor this round, and is still standing, with only minor internal structure damage.  
Round 8: Dire Wolf is prone behind a hill so cannot be shot at. Still in the fire.
Round 9: Atlas moves right up next to the Dire Wolf.   Unfortunately for the Atlas, its Left Torso is pierced, and the LRM Ammo is hit. Dire Wolf Wins with 1988BV remaining! Rematch later this week!


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