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Spring Break!

Posted by wars128 on February 22, 2008

Life has been hard for me these past couple of weeks. I underestimated some things, and was shocked to find two nearly failing test grades staring me in the face. So, I am beginning to right the ship. That should mean i’ll actually be able to get around to putting another show out and getting back to the blog. My spring break is in 1 week after today! Since I won’t be going out of town, expect a new show then at the latest.


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Posted by wars128 on February 16, 2008

Catalyst Game Labs is pleased to announce the second-quarter 2008 publication of the first all-new technical readout in six years, Technical Readout: 3075. Fully embracing the current universe-shaking Jihad storyline, Technical Readout: 3075 includes all the latest BattleMechs, vehicles, and battle armor appearing on the battlefields of the Classic BattleTech universe. Also included is a section detailing many of the numerous battlefield units previously mentioned in the fictional context of the Classic BattleTech universe but never before presented in a technical readout.”


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This just made my day….

Posted by wars128 on February 13, 2008

I was actually having a good day, and I just got an email that made it even better! You’ll hear it in a few shows. Sorry to be so mysterious about it, but I don’t want to spoil it I think its that good!

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Mech Monday Part 2

Posted by wars128 on February 11, 2008

Now it s time to see if the Atlas can make a come back against the Dire Wolf Prime!
The computer controlled Atlas starts in the north, while the Human controlled Dire Wolf starts in the south.
Round 1: both move forward, the Atlas hiding behind a hill.
Round 2:The Atlas stays still.
Round 3:The Atlas runs out into the open! Not much damage is done on either side
Round 4: Atlas tries to flank the Dire Wolf. Dire Wolf gets a little bit of damage in.
Round 5:Atlas continues flanking. The Dire Wolf scores a lucky engine hit, while the Atlas misses with all of its weapons. The Atlas is running very hot.
Round 6; Atlas moves into heavy woods, Dire Wolf into light woods. Atlas takes minor damage and woods set on fire.
Round 7: Atlas stays in place, so does Dire Wolf. both mechs miss with most of their weapons, but a medium laser and an SRM hit the Dire Wolfs head, but no black out.
Round 8: Atlas stays where it is, Dire Wolf closes. Dire Wolf only hits with one weapon, while atlas did not fire.
Round 9:Same movement as last round. Dire Wolf misses with everything, 16 LRMs hit it.
Round 10: Dire Wolf finds heavy woods, Atlas stays still. Atlas hit for 20 damage, including a large laser to the head.
Round 11: Both stay in their wooded areas. Atlas again hit for 20+ damage.
Round 12:Both stay again. Atlas hit with an ER Large.
Round 13:Dire Wolf Closes. Atlas’s AC 20 is critted.
Round 14: Dire Wolf closes more,Atlas hides behind woods.
Round 15:2 hexes separate the mechs. Dire Wolf hit for 20+ damage.
Round 16:1 hexes apart. Dire Wold loses an UAC5 and an ER Large Laser, but Atlas loses RT.
Round 17. Smoke hides the Atlas.
Round 18:Atlas takes 41 damage from weapons.
19: Atlas hides.
20:Dire wolf fires everything it has…first shot hits the head.
Dire Wolf wins with 1112BV remaining!

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Web Site of the Week

Posted by wars128 on February 10, 2008

Classic BattleTech-Re-Reading cover to cover, Decision to Endgame

This great blog by Forum Mod Welshman is doing a daunting task: Reread every Classic BattleTech book and blog about them. So far he’s still on the very first book, but this is a very neat idea with great analysis. This blog can hope to reignite interest in novels that you never bought. This should be good!

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Best Mechs of TRO 3050

Posted by wars128 on February 9, 2008

TRO 3050 is dubiously known as giving us some of the worst mech designs out there, and in bulk. There are some diamonds among all the awful designs. Here are my picks for the best designs from TRO 3050(Note: 3050U designs not counted, as well as clan designs, since I have much less experience with them.)
Light Mechs
COM-5S Commando: A solid upgrade, more survivability due to slightly better armor and CASE. Not awe inspiring, but not a mistake either.

RVN-3L Raven: The first truly usable Raven. An electronics marvel.

WLF-2 Wolfhound: Double heat sinks and an ER Large laser upgrades proves simple upgrades are best.

Medium Mechs
CLNT-2-3U Clint: Finally gives the Clint the punch is deserves.

VND-3L Vindicator: More proof that “simpler is better” upgrades are better.

Heavy Mechs

ARC-4M Archer: The best mech in the book, hands down. A perfect upgrade.

CPLT-C3: The first mech to mount Arrow IV, and the standard for any new Arrow IV based designs to look up to.

Assault Mechs

BNC-5S Banshee: The Banshee becomes a beast.

MAL-1R Mauler: One of my favorite Kurita mechs to use.

Those are my favorites, what are yours? Leave which mechs you like the best from TRO 3050 in the comments.

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It came from the Forums! Again!

Posted by wars128 on February 7, 2008

Posted by ELSni in “The Crazy Shot Files. Keep ’em coming.” Thread:
Weapons fire for LRM Carrier (3055) ID:25 (Sni)
LRM 20 at Atlas AS7-C ID:4 (xxx); needs 11, rolls 9 : misses.
LRM 20 at Atlas AS7-C ID:4 (xxx); needs 11, rolls 3 : misses.
20 at Atlas AS7-C ID:4 (xxx); needs 11, rolls 12 : AMS engages.6
missile(s) hit (using Partial cover table) (ECM prevents bonus).
Atlas AS7-C ID:4 (xxx) ID:4 suffers no damage.(LL behind cover)
Atlas AS7-C ID:4 (xxx) takes 1 damage to CT (critical). 38 Armor remaining.
Critical hit on CT. Roll is 10; 2 locations.
<<<CRITICAL HIT>>> on Engine.
<<<CRITICAL HIT>>> on Engine.
Atlas AS7-C ID:4 (xxx) has taken 2 engine hits this round.
Checking for engine explosion on 12, roll is 12.
***The safety systems on the engine fail catastrophically resulting in a cascading engine failure!

*** Atlas AS7-C ID:4 (xxx) DESTROYED by engine explosion! ***
Archer ARC-7L ID:5 (xxx) is hit for 7 damage!
Archer ARC-7L ID:5 (xxx) takes 5 damage to CT. 24 Armor remaining.
Archer ARC-7L ID:5 (xxx) takes 2 damage to LL. 26 Armor remaining.

Atlas got shot at by a company of my units, which all missed. Only the
Carrier scored 1 point of damage on the undamaged titan and apparently
killed it Wink

That is just beyond belief. I wish I could get that lucky in Mega Mek!
Note: This was not my post from the forums.

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It Came From the Forums!

Posted by wars128 on February 6, 2008

The Crazy Shot Files. Keep ’em coming.

This is a crazy thread about all these crazy happenings involving MegaMek. Highly entertaining! From high falls, to impossible shots, to multiple head shots, this thread has it all!

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Mech Monday!

Posted by wars128 on February 4, 2008

Can a 2/2 3025 Atlas Pilot beat a 4/5 Dire wolf Prime? Lets find out!
Takes place on the Battletech map of Mega Mek, at opposite sides. BV: Atlas-2,413 Dire Wolf-2,341.
Round 1:
Dire Wolf takes the high point on the far upper right, Atlas down below, also on high ground, but with woods. Dire wolf is just out of AC-20 range, so the Atlas can only use its LRM 20. Both mechs hit with their weaponry, but do minimal damage, the Dire Wolf close to PSRing the Atlas. Dire Wolf got a bit warm that round, ending at 4 heat..
Round 2:Atlas closes, but not much. Dire Wolf keeps the distance at 10 hexes. Atlas wins this round, hitting with most of its LRMs, while the Dire Wolf only hit with single taps from tis UAC5s.
Round 3:Atlas tries to close again, but still gets kept at range by the Dire Wolf. Atlas misses, Dire Wolf hits for 28 damage but the Atlas does not go down. Dire Wolf heats up again.
Round 4:Atlas closes one hex. The Dire Wolf was backed up into a corner, so it moved forward into some  light woods behind a hill. Only 15 damage total is done this round, 10 of it on the Atlas.
Round 5: Dire Wolf stays where it is, while the Atlas keeps on going towards it. Atlas finally does over 20 damage to the Dire Wolf, but the Dire wolf did nearly double the atlas’s damage.
Round 6: the Atlas covers 3 hexes of open terrain, equaling the distance it went the past 3 rounds. Dire Wolf again decides to stay where it is. The Ac 20 is first used this round,but still the Dire wolf does more damage.
Round 7; The Dire wolf is hiding in a fire. Will that help it? Two AC 20 shots to the CT in the same amount t of turns gives the Dire Wolf an engine hit and two gyro hits. The Atlas lost nearly 50 points of armor this round, and is still standing, with only minor internal structure damage.  
Round 8: Dire Wolf is prone behind a hill so cannot be shot at. Still in the fire.
Round 9: Atlas moves right up next to the Dire Wolf.   Unfortunately for the Atlas, its Left Torso is pierced, and the LRM Ammo is hit. Dire Wolf Wins with 1988BV remaining! Rematch later this week!

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What to say, what to say….

Posted by wars128 on February 4, 2008

Don’t you love it when parents use the investments they put into you? I was a manual labor machine all weekend, but I don’t mind.  get free room and board, a comfy chair with arms that I wish I was writing this blog post from, etc etc. Schools starting to pick up a bit, so I doubt I’ll be able to do a blog post every day, but I’m going to try to. Podcast will be up tonight if I don’t run into any issues…One day late isn’t so bad, huh? I’ve been playing StarCraft,an old PC game, and I remember a guy who I got into BattleTech trying to make BattleTech versions of the designs in StarCraft. well, on the last level I was on, I unlocked the Mech, called a Goliath. Has”Autocannons and Javelin Missiles” It took me a while to realize that you didn’t have to make a mech like that, one already existed! The Goliath would be the JM6-A, which trades the AC5s for LRM 15s. If you wanted to be more exact, you’d take off the Medium lasers for more armor, and turn the AC2s into LBXs or LACs, since in the game they don’t have a minimum range. This weekend ill get something involving that done. I have quite a few story ideas wizzing around in my head these days, most of them Battletech related, so expect to see more stories coming up sometime! Theres much more to come…

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