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Excited for tommorow

Posted by wars128 on January 30, 2008

Warning! Rambling post! Warning!
I was going to write a blog post for yesterday, it was going to be about C3i, but then the high winds in my area nocked out the power in my dorm at about 4:30 P.M. local time. my stupid university didn’t get them back on till around midnight. What did I do until then? Went to get the old PC game Starcraft, which reminds me…an old friend of mine who I introduced into BattleTech tried to transfer all the Starcraft designs into BattleTech. Nothing turned out well, but now that you can build BA, I may take a shot at that, but I think their are already some cannon designs that act like the infantry in StarCraft. After that me and some friends were going to play said game at a Starbucks, until we learned we had to pay $10 for wifi! And it was packed, so we ended up going back to the Technology building on campus and mooching off of their free wifi, well we were, until we started watching a movie…Tomorrow I have o class, so I am going to use my time productively. I’ve come up with a lot of good story titles, and they need stories to go along with them… also, this city needs a place to game. Theres only one comic place here, and they raely have any BattleTech stuff, let alone any room to play…If I get enough done it may find its way up here…Podcast to come sometime this week, might be another blog post tonight.


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