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Faceoff Friday!

Posted by wars128 on January 25, 2008

I finally came up with a good idea for what to have on Fridays blog posts: Face-off Friday!
This is the post where two similar mechs are sent head to head to decide which is better at what they are designed to do! This inaugural face-off pits the famous ARC-2R Archer Vs. the CPLT-C1 Catapult!
First, the rules:

Lets Get started!
While the Catapult does weigh 5 tons less than the Archer, they are still quite similar. Both are 4/6, and both have heavy armor, and large LRM racks with Medium Lasers to back them up. now here come the differences!
-The Catapult mounts LRM 15s, while the Archer has LRM 20s.
-While the Catapult has the ability to use its LRMs all day, the Archer does not because it does not mount the necessary heat sinks to do so.
-While both mechs mount 4 medium lasers, 2 of the Archers are rear mounted.
-The Catapult has JumpJets, which can be very useful.
-The Archer carries more ammo in total, beating the Catapult by four more rounds.
-Armor is similar, with the Archer having 208pts, and the Catapult 160pts.
-The BattleValue(1,not 2), is quite similar, the Catapult having the edge(1165) over the larger Archer(1117) due to the Jump Jets.
One on One
Facing off of opposite ends of the battletech map in MegaMek with 4/5 pilots, here is how this first to best of 2 out of 3 went:
Match One:The Catapult started in the north, the Archer in the south. Both started in wooded areas. Catapult drew first blood with a double dose of LRM 15s. Annoyed by the unmoving archer, the Catapult pressed forward, jumping from woods to woods. They met on top of a wooded hill, blazing due to an errant LRM hit. It looked like the Catapult had the upper hand, but a kick to the cockpit ended this round. Archer: 1 Catapult: 0
Match TwoCan the catapult recover? lets find out! Catapult in the south, Archer in the north.
A long range showdown soon emerged, with the catapult being able to fire both its launcher each turn, while the archer could only fire both every other turn. Armor flew off, with each mech regularly getting 20points of damage on each-other. The Catapult made a bold move forward, but quickly retreated. It then hid behind a hill, forcing the Archer to come to it. The Archer moved, and then so did the Catapult. The Catapult pressed even more, getting right up close to the Archer and disabling a LRM 20. Then the Catapult retreated, perhaps to get back into LRM range. It proved costly as the Archers remaining LRM 20 got two Gyro hits and an engine hit on the Catapult, as well as destroying its left leg with a Medium Laser. The Archer closed in for the kill on the prone Catapult. There would be no round three. Archer:2, Catapult:0

If there are no mechs bigger than it on the field, the Catapult is a fine design, but the Archer would be better suited for heavier lances. The Archer also needs protection from others, while the Catapult does not as much. The Jump Jets are quite handy to have, and the ability to fire both LRM racks every turn equals the total amount of missiles that the Archer can safely send out in two turns. I would say that the victor, the overall more useable one is the Catapult, but the Archer does have some advantages over its smaller cousin, namely:
-More ammo, and Armor
-Rear firing Lasers

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Face-off, be sure to send in suggestions for next weeks!


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