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Mech Monday!

Posted by wars128 on January 22, 2008

On todays mech monday we will be covering Medium scout mechs. This idea came about while trying to make scout mechs able to defend themselves better. It started out with the lowly Hartford Co produced Cicada , which didn’t get anywhere near good until level 2 technology returned to the Inner Sphere. Then there was the Clint, the Assassin, Hermes 2,The clans next tried it with the Pouncer, i believe it is called(I don’t have my TROs with me) . Now in the Inner Sphere we have such designs as the Wraith, Beowulf,Men Shen,etc. While the first medium scout mech was not an improvement over a light mech, the newer ones, while more expensive, usually mount more armor/firepower, making them much more useful. Try them out,you may like them!


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