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Mech Monday: Simple Upgrades

Posted by wars128 on January 7, 2008

So you finally got done with your latest contract, and you think that your ready for some level two equipment, but you don’t know where to start. You know you can’t get one of those highly expensive XL engined machines, but otherwise your good. Here are some suggestions of some solid level 2 tech you can use to upgrade your existing designs:
Endo Steel– Yes, its bulky, but the 1 to 10 tons it saves can make a big difference, especially when its a light mech where every ton counts. Not the easiest upgrade, but very beneficial.
Double Heat Sinks-With DHS you can also save weight by dropping unneeded heat sinks. This can save you from on tonnage(say, a Stinger), to a huge amount(An Awesome).
CASE– With all the tonnage you’ve saved already, you should be able to fit CASE in. The most common way to lose a mech is ammo explosions, and with CASE, you can continue to fight. Highly recommended.
ER PPC– This is the only weapon on the list, but having no minimum range means that even if your long range support mechs get bum-rushed, you can still actually fight them. The extra 5 heat can be offset by the move to DHS.
These are just a few of my favorite ways to simply upgrade level one designs. Each of these technologies are time tested, and will help with survivability.
(There will be 3 shows uploaded today. two are older ones recorded a while back, and one will be brand new!)


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