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TRO Thursday!

Posted by wars128 on January 3, 2008

Todyas TRO will be the latest TRO to hit the shelves, 3067. This TRO has all the deigns from the Field manual Series, as well as some new ones. This TRO features perhaps the widest variety of designs of any TRO, it covers Mechs, Vehicles, Aerospace Fighters, Dropships, and Warships. Here are some notable things about it:
1. If you want to know/use Clan second line fighter designs, this book has them all!
2. This TRO features the first Inner Sphere OmniFighters.
3. this thing features such mighty warships as the Avalon, the Thera,and the Leviathan.
4. this TRO features many of the Word of Blakes new designs.
This TRO really readys everyone for the Jihad. This is either my second or third favorite TRO. Highly Recomended!


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