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Weapon Wednesday!

Posted by wars128 on January 2, 2008

Todays weapon is not a weapon itself, but a weapon and ammo type. I speak of standard ACs and Special Ammo. Once only a Davion thing, Specialty ammo is spreading, giving everyone the chance to use Armor Pierceing, wich increases your chances of getting a crit,Flechette, which works wonders on unarmored infantry, and Precision ammo, which is very helpfull for taking down those pesky ultra fast lights. Specialty Ammo brings new life to standard ACs, and makes fighting even old designs dangerous. If you get stuc with some designs from 3025 and need to give them some punch to stand against your friends 3067 monsters, put some specialty ammo in them and watch his smile turn to a frown when you:
Crit his commanders cockpit with AP ammo
Or When you keep on killing his scouts with Precision



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