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Tech Tuesday!

Posted by wars128 on January 1, 2008

Todays item of BattleTech technology to be covered is the Guardian ECM device. In game this item can be very handy, depending on who you are fighting against. It turns off the extra missiles that hit from ArtemisIV, and can disrupt both C3 and C3i Networks. So if you are fighting a hightech force a la the clans, or a recent Draconis Combine, Word of Blake, or even Comsatr or Federated Suns, you should take a few mechs that have Guardian ECM, as they will be a big thorn in your enemies side. Otherwise, though, you really don’t need it, but since Artemis, C3 and C3i are becoming prevalent on the battlefield, a Guardian ECM would be a good investment that could change your next battle.



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