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Excited for tommorow

Posted by wars128 on January 30, 2008

Warning! Rambling post! Warning!
I was going to write a blog post for yesterday, it was going to be about C3i, but then the high winds in my area nocked out the power in my dorm at about 4:30 P.M. local time. my stupid university didn’t get them back on till around midnight. What did I do until then? Went to get the old PC game Starcraft, which reminds me…an old friend of mine who I introduced into BattleTech tried to transfer all the Starcraft designs into BattleTech. Nothing turned out well, but now that you can build BA, I may take a shot at that, but I think their are already some cannon designs that act like the infantry in StarCraft. After that me and some friends were going to play said game at a Starbucks, until we learned we had to pay $10 for wifi! And it was packed, so we ended up going back to the Technology building on campus and mooching off of their free wifi, well we were, until we started watching a movie…Tomorrow I have o class, so I am going to use my time productively. I’ve come up with a lot of good story titles, and they need stories to go along with them… also, this city needs a place to game. Theres only one comic place here, and they raely have any BattleTech stuff, let alone any room to play…If I get enough done it may find its way up here…Podcast to come sometime this week, might be another blog post tonight.


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Double Post

Posted by wars128 on January 28, 2008

This post will be both a Mech Monday Post and a Book review, which will come first.
I got the book Jihad Hot Spots 3072 over the weekend, and read it in one very long sitting. It is really neat to see how things in the older books, such as Heir to the Dragon, still affect things today. The celestial omnimechs were pretty cool, but besides that, there werent any good vehicles in the back.I also noticed for the first time that there are now 5 diffrent “eras” that products will appear under:
Star League
Clan Invasion
Civil War
I’ll have my thoughts on this up at a later time. Overall, if you want to stay up to date, you need to get this book. Also, if you want the stats for the Celestials, then get this book. Otherwise, feel free to skip it, but i’d recomend you not doing that.

Todays mech monday post is on the effectiveness of extremly heavy scouts, such as the Charger. Even in level two, its armament and armor can be matched elsewhere for a much lower cost and tonnage. Its a nice variation, but its just not feasable enough in my opinion, as much as I want it to be.

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Faceoff Friday!

Posted by wars128 on January 25, 2008

I finally came up with a good idea for what to have on Fridays blog posts: Face-off Friday!
This is the post where two similar mechs are sent head to head to decide which is better at what they are designed to do! This inaugural face-off pits the famous ARC-2R Archer Vs. the CPLT-C1 Catapult!
First, the rules:

Lets Get started!
While the Catapult does weigh 5 tons less than the Archer, they are still quite similar. Both are 4/6, and both have heavy armor, and large LRM racks with Medium Lasers to back them up. now here come the differences!
-The Catapult mounts LRM 15s, while the Archer has LRM 20s.
-While the Catapult has the ability to use its LRMs all day, the Archer does not because it does not mount the necessary heat sinks to do so.
-While both mechs mount 4 medium lasers, 2 of the Archers are rear mounted.
-The Catapult has JumpJets, which can be very useful.
-The Archer carries more ammo in total, beating the Catapult by four more rounds.
-Armor is similar, with the Archer having 208pts, and the Catapult 160pts.
-The BattleValue(1,not 2), is quite similar, the Catapult having the edge(1165) over the larger Archer(1117) due to the Jump Jets.
One on One
Facing off of opposite ends of the battletech map in MegaMek with 4/5 pilots, here is how this first to best of 2 out of 3 went:
Match One:The Catapult started in the north, the Archer in the south. Both started in wooded areas. Catapult drew first blood with a double dose of LRM 15s. Annoyed by the unmoving archer, the Catapult pressed forward, jumping from woods to woods. They met on top of a wooded hill, blazing due to an errant LRM hit. It looked like the Catapult had the upper hand, but a kick to the cockpit ended this round. Archer: 1 Catapult: 0
Match TwoCan the catapult recover? lets find out! Catapult in the south, Archer in the north.
A long range showdown soon emerged, with the catapult being able to fire both its launcher each turn, while the archer could only fire both every other turn. Armor flew off, with each mech regularly getting 20points of damage on each-other. The Catapult made a bold move forward, but quickly retreated. It then hid behind a hill, forcing the Archer to come to it. The Archer moved, and then so did the Catapult. The Catapult pressed even more, getting right up close to the Archer and disabling a LRM 20. Then the Catapult retreated, perhaps to get back into LRM range. It proved costly as the Archers remaining LRM 20 got two Gyro hits and an engine hit on the Catapult, as well as destroying its left leg with a Medium Laser. The Archer closed in for the kill on the prone Catapult. There would be no round three. Archer:2, Catapult:0

If there are no mechs bigger than it on the field, the Catapult is a fine design, but the Archer would be better suited for heavier lances. The Archer also needs protection from others, while the Catapult does not as much. The Jump Jets are quite handy to have, and the ability to fire both LRM racks every turn equals the total amount of missiles that the Archer can safely send out in two turns. I would say that the victor, the overall more useable one is the Catapult, but the Archer does have some advantages over its smaller cousin, namely:
-More ammo, and Armor
-Rear firing Lasers

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Face-off, be sure to send in suggestions for next weeks!

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A Funny Thing Happened Yesterday…

Posted by wars128 on January 24, 2008

I was in Astronomy class, and the teacher started talking about Zeniths, and I was like “Hey, I know that word!”. I then accurately predicted that the next thing we talked about was Nadir. All thanks to Battletech, but I think it is different in the real world than in Battletech. In Battletech they seem to be fixed points, while in real life they seem to depend on where the horizon is, which can change, I guess. Finally, a word i’ve heard before!

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New release of MegaMek

Posted by wars128 on January 23, 2008

Check it out

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Mech Monday!

Posted by wars128 on January 22, 2008

On todays mech monday we will be covering Medium scout mechs. This idea came about while trying to make scout mechs able to defend themselves better. It started out with the lowly Hartford Co produced Cicada , which didn’t get anywhere near good until level 2 technology returned to the Inner Sphere. Then there was the Clint, the Assassin, Hermes 2,The clans next tried it with the Pouncer, i believe it is called(I don’t have my TROs with me) . Now in the Inner Sphere we have such designs as the Wraith, Beowulf,Men Shen,etc. While the first medium scout mech was not an improvement over a light mech, the newer ones, while more expensive, usually mount more armor/firepower, making them much more useful. Try them out,you may like them!

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New Mike

Posted by wars128 on January 21, 2008

Just got a new mike today! Its a Blue brand Snowball. Sounds good so far, and will be first used to record episode #42!

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Technical Problems

Posted by wars128 on January 20, 2008

Seems the site that hosts my podcast was having problems with its uploader, ,thats why there wasn’t a podcast this week. But have no fear, I will be trying all this weekend to get it to work.
Update!!!!I finally got it to work! Expect the next one to come out sometime this week!

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Posted by wars128 on January 16, 2008

Well, schools back in session. Its nice to have a schedule again, but there are some things I really dislikebut anyways…This idea came to me while walking back to my dorm from a class. Since mechs are supposed to be like cars are now, the same with the companies, which mech producing company would be considered “Luxury”, or “Bargain”? Here’s what I have got so far:
If 50% or more of a companies designs have a light or XL engine, it would be a Luxury brand.
If less than 25% of a companies designs have a light or XL engine, it would be a Bargain brand.
Sound good?
I cannot do this right now, since I do not have access to my TROs at the dorm. Expect to see something next week.
I have a feeling that this may grow into something bigger…
This may or may not happen, because this looks like a vast project. Another idea I have..well..Ii’m still working on it….
Also, soon I will be switching the podcasts email address over to gmail, because yahoo’s spam filter is awful. I get around 20-30 spam messages a day on there, and it is very annoying ….

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Mech Monday!

Posted by wars128 on January 14, 2008

Today, besides being Mech monday, is my first day of the second semester of my sophomore year. Its also my 20th birthday. So far both are going pretty well. Another show will be put out today, but I need more ideas for the next few shows! Anyways, onward to mech monday. One of the least used types of mech, in my opinion, are slow light mechs. These mechs trade speed for armor and firepower, essentially becoming mini versions of medium mechs. I tend to like these type of mechs, as I like having a large amount of armor on my mechs. While speed is nice, it is not always useful. if you haven’t tried the slower lights, give them a try.

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