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Mech monday

Posted by wars128 on December 31, 2007

Heres what I think we will see mech wise in 2008:
1. I think that 2007 was the year of the RAC5, you might say. I think that in 2008 we will see the RAC2 be used on a lot more designs.
2. LACs will become very common. Imagine a Jagermech with LACs and better armor,etc.
3. Expect to see at-least one Assault mech that goes 6/4/6 with Improved Jump Jets. Now that may take up an insane amount of weight, but when you can keep pace with something much much smaller, without having to keep your heat a certain level(TSM), or worrying about your legs popping off(MASC), thats a good thing to those who favor maneuverability.
4. Rocket Launchers will become more prevalent in designs as people look for cheap firepower even more.
More may come!


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