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Happy New Years!

Posted by wars128 on December 31, 2007

Well, 2008 is almost upon us, and I’d like to show you my MechHead Podcast related New Years Resolutions:
1. Do a podcast each and every week- There is no reason why I cannot get out a podcast every week except for exams or being very sick. You, the listener, deserve a weekly podcast and this year I intend to get up off my butt and do a show every week unless for dire circumstances.
2. Write longer blog posts- I’d like each blog post that I write to be longer, and insightfull/meaningfull. I want this blog to really be a companion to the show, and not just something that I occasionally post a short thing here and there. Here is an example: say I cover a certain mech on the show. After the show is posted, I would do a more in depth review, or talk about alternatives to the design, etc.
3. Get a team together for podcast- I would love to have a kind of “Podcasting Team”. with people who send in ideas for the show, people to bounce questions/ ideas off of, people to maybe cohost the podcast or even do some blog posting. If you are interested in contributing in any way send an email to
4. Get a domain name- I really need to do this, since it will be easier to find the site,etc. Most likely it would point to this site. Also, the email would change too.
5. Become a more vocal voice in the BattleTech Community.
6. Play BattleTech more- Hopefully I can convince my friend that BattleTech is great, so then I could go up against a real person, and not the Mega Mek bot.
7. Upgrade equipment- This means getting a better microphone,getting a mixer, and learning how to use my recording software better.
8. Get HMP- I really need to get this program!
9. Be move available to the listener-I want it so that any feedback can be given to me at anytime,so I will be putting more ways to reach me up on here.
10. Website overhaul- I’m going to fix all the spelling errors on this site, maybe rearrange some menus, just overall trying to make it a better environment for you, the listener. I will also have a page of what the topic for every single show was for easy reference.
11.A “Welcome to BattleTech” episode of the podcast, for people to show their friends who they are introducing to BattleTech.
12. I will come up with a new logo for the MechHead Podcast.

Thats my list for now. If you have any that you want to add, do so in the comments. I’ll probably add some more as they come to mind.
I want to thank everyone who has listened to this podcast this year, sent me an email, commented on the blog, told a friend, etc. Special shout out to Ghost0402 for being the Resident Expert Extraordinare!
Happy New Years Everyone!


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