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Happy Holidays!

Posted by wars128 on December 27, 2007

Happy holidays to all. I’m not going to make any excuses on why there haven’t been any shows or blog posts recently, since I need to buck that trend. i will say some very encouraging things. First off, I have managed to get myself a Lego version of the Nova Cat from the “Black market” at . The store is only open for a few more days, so if you’ve been eying a thing on there, get it now! it hasn’t arrived yet, but once it does, I hope to have unboxing photos. Another great BattleTech related thing is that I have introduced a friend of mine into Battletech. He is not that interested in it, but we’ve only played the most very basic match in the New boxed set I got a few weeks ago. The only downside is that I have to learn how to play Warhammer 40K, which is ok, but I like BattleTech much better. Fairly soon I will get finished with my MOTW articles for the official forums. One is on the Emperor,the other on the Beowulf. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and I will post them on here when they are done. On the home front, I have been swamped with family parties. when both sides of your family are very large, it gets crazy around this time of year. I also finally got my hands on the book Getting Things Done by David Allen, with the hope being that it will help me to get things done,(duh), like the show and the like. After New years things quiet down a bit, so thats when you should expect a new episode of the MechHead Podcast. Expect to see a “New Years Resolutions” post in the next couple of days about what things to expect form the show, and feel free to send in suggestions in the meantime.
I hope everyone is having happy holidays,


One Response to “Happy Holidays!”

  1. Big J said

    Good to see you back blogging! Good luck and Have a Happy New Year!!

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