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Posted by wars128 on December 13, 2007

I only have one more exam before I am done with school for the semester. Today is essentially my last day!!!

For Mech Monday, I wanted to talk about a few designs that aren’t well known, that you might want to know. All of them are slower than 6/9/6, but what they lose in speed they make up for in firepower, so if you like slower light mechs like me these are some intersting ones. All these are level one designs.
Thorn- The Thorn, even though its only 6/9, can take out other 20 ton mechs with ease with its LRM 5 and 2 medium lasers. If you want a very light firesuport mech this is a good choice, and only gets better in level 2.
Firefly- 30 tons, 5/8/4, but very well armed and armored. Has an LRM 5, 3 medium lasers, and4 small lasers. I see this as a good bodyguard mech for the Valkyrie.
Flea- Basically its a non jumping Stinger with twice the firepower plus a rear mounted flamer. Has a variant with a Large laser, making it very powerfull for its size.
Hornet- only 5/8/5, but has a lot of armor for its size, with an LRM 5, and a medium and small laser. I’d put this with the Thorn.
These are mechs that are slightly obscure, but can own other light mechs. Try them out, you just might like them.

When I am fighting level one battles in MegaMek, the thing that kills my mechs the most are ammo exsplosions. That is why I really like CASE. With CASE on a mech with a standard or light engine, or clan XL, it can have an ammo esplosion and keep on going. Highly recomended if you can spare the half ton to a ton.


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