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Mech monday

Posted by wars128 on December 31, 2007

Heres what I think we will see mech wise in 2008:
1. I think that 2007 was the year of the RAC5, you might say. I think that in 2008 we will see the RAC2 be used on a lot more designs.
2. LACs will become very common. Imagine a Jagermech with LACs and better armor,etc.
3. Expect to see at-least one Assault mech that goes 6/4/6 with Improved Jump Jets. Now that may take up an insane amount of weight, but when you can keep pace with something much much smaller, without having to keep your heat a certain level(TSM), or worrying about your legs popping off(MASC), thats a good thing to those who favor maneuverability.
4. Rocket Launchers will become more prevalent in designs as people look for cheap firepower even more.
More may come!


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Happy New Years!

Posted by wars128 on December 31, 2007

Well, 2008 is almost upon us, and I’d like to show you my MechHead Podcast related New Years Resolutions:
1. Do a podcast each and every week- There is no reason why I cannot get out a podcast every week except for exams or being very sick. You, the listener, deserve a weekly podcast and this year I intend to get up off my butt and do a show every week unless for dire circumstances.
2. Write longer blog posts- I’d like each blog post that I write to be longer, and insightfull/meaningfull. I want this blog to really be a companion to the show, and not just something that I occasionally post a short thing here and there. Here is an example: say I cover a certain mech on the show. After the show is posted, I would do a more in depth review, or talk about alternatives to the design, etc.
3. Get a team together for podcast- I would love to have a kind of “Podcasting Team”. with people who send in ideas for the show, people to bounce questions/ ideas off of, people to maybe cohost the podcast or even do some blog posting. If you are interested in contributing in any way send an email to
4. Get a domain name- I really need to do this, since it will be easier to find the site,etc. Most likely it would point to this site. Also, the email would change too.
5. Become a more vocal voice in the BattleTech Community.
6. Play BattleTech more- Hopefully I can convince my friend that BattleTech is great, so then I could go up against a real person, and not the Mega Mek bot.
7. Upgrade equipment- This means getting a better microphone,getting a mixer, and learning how to use my recording software better.
8. Get HMP- I really need to get this program!
9. Be move available to the listener-I want it so that any feedback can be given to me at anytime,so I will be putting more ways to reach me up on here.
10. Website overhaul- I’m going to fix all the spelling errors on this site, maybe rearrange some menus, just overall trying to make it a better environment for you, the listener. I will also have a page of what the topic for every single show was for easy reference.
11.A “Welcome to BattleTech” episode of the podcast, for people to show their friends who they are introducing to BattleTech.
12. I will come up with a new logo for the MechHead Podcast.

Thats my list for now. If you have any that you want to add, do so in the comments. I’ll probably add some more as they come to mind.
I want to thank everyone who has listened to this podcast this year, sent me an email, commented on the blog, told a friend, etc. Special shout out to Ghost0402 for being the Resident Expert Extraordinare!
Happy New Years Everyone!

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Site of the week

Posted by wars128 on December 29, 2007

I need to get this out here before some family comes in to town later today for a week. I may have done this before, but I’ll do it again: This weeks site is the official forums, found at

This place is the best to find very good reviews on most of the mechs, all of the aerospace fighters, and all of the canon vehicles so far. This place is also good for all the random, oddball things you can find on here. For example:,24944.msg708275.html#msg708275

Its things like these that make this a site that you just can not not go to.

I’m not sure how having out of town family living in my house with us will affect the blog, shouldn’t affect it at all, hopefully, but this is just a heads up.


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Interesting Fact

Posted by wars128 on December 28, 2007

Ever wonder where the name of the Zhukov tank came from? Well, for christmas I got a great book on great military leaders,and a Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov is mentioned as the token russian war leader of WWII. The Zhukov tank would certainly fit the russians strategy back then: Cheap, easy to produce, and powerfull.
Thought ya’ll might want to know,
Sam(Wars 128)

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Faction Friday

Posted by wars128 on December 28, 2007

Todays faction friday will not be covering a faction, per say. While on places like the offical Classic Battletech

forums, people show thier allegiances loud and clear, in the real world, many people(inclding myself) Do not think

of themselves as belonging to one faction or the other. This does have some advantages, such as being able to use

any designs you want together, like a Legacy and a Dire Wolf. In short, you don’t have to belong to only one faction

if you don’t want to.

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Happy Holidays!

Posted by wars128 on December 27, 2007

Happy holidays to all. I’m not going to make any excuses on why there haven’t been any shows or blog posts recently, since I need to buck that trend. i will say some very encouraging things. First off, I have managed to get myself a Lego version of the Nova Cat from the “Black market” at . The store is only open for a few more days, so if you’ve been eying a thing on there, get it now! it hasn’t arrived yet, but once it does, I hope to have unboxing photos. Another great BattleTech related thing is that I have introduced a friend of mine into Battletech. He is not that interested in it, but we’ve only played the most very basic match in the New boxed set I got a few weeks ago. The only downside is that I have to learn how to play Warhammer 40K, which is ok, but I like BattleTech much better. Fairly soon I will get finished with my MOTW articles for the official forums. One is on the Emperor,the other on the Beowulf. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and I will post them on here when they are done. On the home front, I have been swamped with family parties. when both sides of your family are very large, it gets crazy around this time of year. I also finally got my hands on the book Getting Things Done by David Allen, with the hope being that it will help me to get things done,(duh), like the show and the like. After New years things quiet down a bit, so thats when you should expect a new episode of the MechHead Podcast. Expect to see a “New Years Resolutions” post in the next couple of days about what things to expect form the show, and feel free to send in suggestions in the meantime.
I hope everyone is having happy holidays,

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Mech monday/Tech tuesday/

Posted by wars128 on December 13, 2007

I only have one more exam before I am done with school for the semester. Today is essentially my last day!!!

For Mech Monday, I wanted to talk about a few designs that aren’t well known, that you might want to know. All of them are slower than 6/9/6, but what they lose in speed they make up for in firepower, so if you like slower light mechs like me these are some intersting ones. All these are level one designs.
Thorn- The Thorn, even though its only 6/9, can take out other 20 ton mechs with ease with its LRM 5 and 2 medium lasers. If you want a very light firesuport mech this is a good choice, and only gets better in level 2.
Firefly- 30 tons, 5/8/4, but very well armed and armored. Has an LRM 5, 3 medium lasers, and4 small lasers. I see this as a good bodyguard mech for the Valkyrie.
Flea- Basically its a non jumping Stinger with twice the firepower plus a rear mounted flamer. Has a variant with a Large laser, making it very powerfull for its size.
Hornet- only 5/8/5, but has a lot of armor for its size, with an LRM 5, and a medium and small laser. I’d put this with the Thorn.
These are mechs that are slightly obscure, but can own other light mechs. Try them out, you just might like them.

When I am fighting level one battles in MegaMek, the thing that kills my mechs the most are ammo exsplosions. That is why I really like CASE. With CASE on a mech with a standard or light engine, or clan XL, it can have an ammo esplosion and keep on going. Highly recomended if you can spare the half ton to a ton.

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Classes almost over!

Posted by wars128 on December 3, 2007

Wedensday is my last official day of classes, with exams done on the 13th. After that, expect to see a bunch of shows coming out, maybe even more! I am so ready for this semester to be over!

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Mech Monday!

Posted by wars128 on December 3, 2007

As some of you may know, the guy who nrmally does the MOTWs for the forums has taken december off, leaing it wide open for anyone to write one. As such, I am going to do the Emperor and the Beowulf. While researching the Emperor, I realized that the star league had a lot of jumping assult class mechs. They had the Emperor, the Highlander, and the Crockett. Snce these designs would be going against mechs from TRO 3025 mostly, we can see that no other Assult Mechs but the Victor can jump, which gives the Star League a distinct advantage. Who would of thought that the Star League had a thing for jumping Assult Mechs?

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The Week from Hell

Posted by wars128 on December 2, 2007

Last week was the week from hell. 1 paper and a 7-9min speech one day, a 8-10 page paper the next day. Follow that with my very first car accident(was the other guys fault), and all that made last week one that I am very glad to be done with. I am actually looking forward to exams! How wierd is that? Regular blog posts to resume this week.

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