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The Flood

Posted by wars128 on November 26, 2007

So its Wedensday afternoon. I’m home for Thanksgiving break and i’m enjoying it. Then, my phone rings. Seems that a sprinkler broke, and flodded half my floor, including my dorm room. But, since I was home already, I wasn’t able to check it out untill Sunday. Not much damage, though two school books are very wet, and a mostly ruined binder of notes..i really need to start taking notes on my laptop… They put dehumidifiers and fans in the room, whic I had hoped would be gone by sunday, but luck. So, I spent one more night at home. Right now they are still here. The signon the door says Tuesday is the latest they will be here. If they dont get takin out today, ‘m either going to turn them off when I go to sleep, or sleep in a friends room. I got the introductory Box set this weekend. Its pretty nice. Played the introductory game, a Hunchie vs. a Enforcer, with my Hunchie barely winning. This weekend my friend and I will play our custom designs. Both are 70 tonners, his 6/4 w/ 2 LRM 10s and 2 Large Lasers. I haven’t made mine yet, but im leaning twords an upsized version of the Enforcer, with a PPC and AC5, I don’t know what else. Also, The resident MOTW writer for the offical forums is taking December off click here and he is opeing up for people to do ther own. I will be doing the Beowulf. Lets see, what else….I am working on a new show, still I have to upload the shows that ive pre recoreded before that one comes out, will try to get all that taken care of. Can’t wait for winter break! Wow, this has been a long post! Hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving!


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