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Tech Tuesday!

Posted by wars128 on November 20, 2007

Today on Tech Tuesday I will be talking abot the compact cockpit. While it does save you a ton, which can be very usefull, it does add a plus 1 to each pilotig skill roll. If you really need or want the extra ton go for it, otherwise I wouldn’t really bother unless your willing to put a slightly better pilot in the mech, or put it in a light mech which is not going to last very long. With light mechs, where every ton matters, this can be very sefull in getting that extra ton needed for a full host of things. Since I have not played with the Total Warefare(TW) rules yet, I cannot say how it works. i am hoping on buying the new starter kit during the Thanksgiving break, and maybe gettng a friend to paly with me.


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