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Weapon Wednesday: Heavy Lasers

Posted by wars128 on November 14, 2007

Ever wanted a one ton PPC? or a half ton medium laser, or a large laser that does double the damage of the original? For the person who craves raw firepower above everything else, the Heavy Laser series which was designed by the Clans.. While they put out tremendous damage for their size, they do have their issues. first of all, their range is the same as of thier old Inner Sphere counter parts. While that gives a distinct disadvantage fighting other Clanners, this is not as bad when fighting the Inner Sphere. Also, high heat and innacuracy is a problem, most of the time only semi fixed by generous amounts of heat sinks and targeting computers. Generally, I tend to avoid Heavy Lasers, because  I like a cool running mech, and it is hard to have a cool running mech with Heavy Lasers. For the person who is willing to drive his or her heat scale to the limits, and dosen’t care if they miss a bit more, and likes to fight really, really, close, you should use a mech with Heavy Lasers. Otherwise, i’d say avoid them, unless they are very limited in number on the design, such as the Blood Asp Prime. What got me thinking about this was messing around with the Solitare. Sure, its really powerful, but  it misses a lot and if it loses the initiative on a one on one fight, its screwed. Just thought some people might be interested.


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