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Mech Monday:First Contact

Posted by wars128 on October 23, 2007

Sorry about the delay folks, lets get started. Many of you know the Shadowhawk, many know its stats by heart. Unfourtunatly, the original version gets some love, but cannot compare to some of the newer level 1 mechs. I think I may have found something that it could do quite well at: First Contatct. No, not the movie, but being a first response vehicle to enemy forces. think about it. It has the AC-5 and LRM 5 to snipe away at the enemy as they close, enough armor to take some hits, enough mobility to reposition, and its SRMs and Medium Laser when the enemy closes. I can see a Clint or Vulcan work in this, as well. Even slower mechs, such as the Marauder(Not that anyone would ever use it in this role)will work.


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