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Tro Thursday!

Posted by wars128 on October 18, 2007

I apologize for no blog posts this week besides monday. I was off monday and tuesday for fall break, and really needed the time to relax, and i’m not sure what ahppened yesterday. anyways, lets get started. Todays TRO is 3060, and is importnant in a few ways. First off, it is the first TRO to showcase Clan vehicles, so if you want to know more about them, you get this book. Also, this TRO features the very first Protomechs, along with building rules for them, so thats also nice. Otherwise, the book has a couple nice designs, from the Demolisher II, to the Gladius, to mechs like the Viking and Sirrocco. I like this one, its definatly up there in my favorite TROs. Nothing really bad I can say about it, its just a solid TRO. 5 outa 5. Sam


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