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TRO Thursday!

Posted by wars128 on October 11, 2007

Todays TRO s my brand new 3050U. I will be giving an in-depth review of it in an upcoming episode of the podcast, so I won’t talk much here, but i’ll tell you the Important things:
1. $35 For something I pretty much already own! They used to be 25 dollars…
2. All the IS and clan designs look badass!
3. Nearly all the Star League designs(This book takes the mechs, aerospace fighters, and vees from 2750 and puts them in with the updated IS designs and the original 16 clan mechs)look awful…..
I’m still unsure if its worth the price, but if you are able to poke around in so..overall its got some great artwork with the IS models..for some odd reason, a lot of them are fighting Elementals…


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