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Weapon Wednesday!

Posted by wars128 on October 10, 2007

I want to love the Rocket Launcher. At first, I saw it as a low weight way to give light mechs long range firepower, which many are in dire need of. the only problem is, with that +1 to hit, and it being a OS system, if you miss, tough luck pal. I really want to like it, but I cannot. The only way that it would actaully work is, say, replaceing a LRM 10 or 15 or 20 with equal # of RLs to the ammount of shots of 1 ton of ammo, but im not even sure that would work..lets see:
IS LRM 10+1 ton ammo:6 tons
12 RL 10s: 6 tons…
IS LRM 15+1 ton ammo:8 tons
8 RL 15s:8 tons
IS LRM 20+ 1 ton ammo:11
6 RL 20s:9 tons, but range drops off.
There is range issues too, but hey…its periphery tech. so the weights do equal out…but if you want really cheap mostly long range firepower and are in the periphery, or have an old Valk or archer missing its lrms, you know what to do…


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