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New Show(Sorta)

Posted by wars128 on October 9, 2007

Just put out episode # 37, and boy does it feel good! Episode 38 is already recorded, but 39+ is not, so send me some suggestions!!!!


2 Responses to “New Show(Sorta)”

  1. Big J said

    Just got #38 and gave it a listen. Great show! I remember using the J. Edger in one of the first games I played and it is still one of my favorites…

  2. wars128 said

    Thanks! I never owned TRO3026, so I only learned about it when the internet came around, but I do like it, but I don’t play vehicles much. I like designs with good armor, so it is good in my book. Also, if you liked that show, yo’ll like the next one better. it’s about 15 mins long!
    Thanks for the comment,

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