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Mech Monday: Clan light mechs, the original omnis

Posted by wars128 on October 8, 2007

I just got TRO 3050U on starurday, and ill have a review of it on Thursday, but it made me tke a look at some mechs that i hadn’t tried in MegaMek before, mainly clan mechs. I tried all the light ones, and I found an some issues:
1. Not enough armor- These light mechs have a lot of firepower, and low armor. They are definetly made for the original clan way of fighting: Short, and bloody. I lost every single battle as the can lights, due to the fact that the IS forces could field more mechs, and more mechs equals more hits, which equals more chances for criticls, etc.
Thats about it for now….but i’m sure ill think up some later..the basic thing is that these omnis are slightly flawed..but you can understand why…


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