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A sad day…

Posted by wars128 on September 29, 2007

I just saw this: “Mechground as been close due to many reasons but one main reason is I am tired to fight for keeping the site open, no recognition at all from after asking them 9 times over 2 years to post a link in their Fan Website, Others peoples sending me emails asking me to close due to the copyright issue and so and so and so…tired of this. A little bit of recognition from Official site of my work trying to keep OOP available for others to see will not have hurt anyone but give me a reason for my hard work
Thank You,
Well, this just sucks….this guy had a great, really usefull site, that quite a few people used and really apreciated, and now its gone. Now I know the legality of it was in question, but it still was very usefull when you didnt have a book on hand/ you didnt want to use a book for fear of damaging it more(Most of my TROs will be without covers fairly soon due to heavy reading.). Its simply a shame, and i hope that hes able to make a comeback.


4 Responses to “A sad day…”

  1. Rick said

    It is a sad sad day. I loved checking that site. It was like the old days when you and your friends could not afford to buy all the books so you split the costs and got together. I loved going thru the TROs so I could print up something or check something without driving all the way home. If Marauder is checking please fight the fight I don’t have much but I would be willing to help.

  2. wars128 said

    As he said, he’s been fighting it all this time..and I guess he just had enough..i don’t think its comign matter how much I want it to…I think he has checked out the blog once or twice….

  3. Marauder said

    Have re-Open

  4. wars128 said

    Glad to have you back. Can’t wait to hear the reason why you came back.

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