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Weapon Wednesday!

Posted by wars128 on September 26, 2007

Today I will be looking at all the different ways you can replace an AC-20 with level one tech. Everyone likes the Ac-20, but a lot of times the weight is too much. Here are some alternatives:
The AC-20, plus heat sinks and 2 tons of ammo, is a staggering 22 tons…and if you don’t care about heat its still 16 tons.
The most popular alternative is to use 4 medium lasers. While it lacks the concentrated punch, they weigh only 4 tons without heat sinks, 16 with, and can be used in definitely.
Another way, which i’ve only seen once on an old Solaris VII mech, is to have a bunch of Machine Guns instead. 10 Machine Guns(thats 20 damage) weighs 5 tons, plus a half ton/whole ton for ammo. why not small lasers, you ask? Because machine guns create absolutely no heat. But the range is only a third of the AC 20s so it may not be the best option, certainly should not be your main weapon.
Last, but not least, you could use a variety of SRM racks, say a 4 and a 6.
Podcasts will be up sometime this week, I’m working on it, just having a lot of papers to do and such..


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