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Mech Monday: Custom Mechs

Posted by wars128 on September 24, 2007

Many people are satisfied with the Cannon designs that FASA and Wizkids have provided us. But also, many are not. you may simply want to correct an existing designs mistakes, modify it more to your liking, or make an entirely new design. Here is an example of each:
Existing Designs Mistakes-This can be as simple as removing that second ton of SRM 2 ammo or extra half ton MG ammo from a mech.
Modifying to your liking-Say, that you like PPCs a lot. So, you switch out the Enforcers AC 10 with a PPC. Not the best choice, but hey, you like what you like.
Entirely New Designfinally, we get the the section that contains the wackiest ideas of the three groups. This is where you have an idea that is not closely based on any cannon design, and this is perhaps the weirdest of all:The

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