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Posted by wars128 on September 4, 2007

Hey everyone! today I will be talking abut the MML, otherise known as the Multi-Missile Launcher. these weapons are seen as the Inner sphere’s response to the Clans ATM’s. While mst people see these wepons as helping long range suport mechs, I belive that they better help mechs that rely on short range firepower mostly. Most LRM boats have a decidingly weak short range armament, mostly consisting of Medium lasers. With the MLL system, if the enemy gets too close, you can now blast at them with SRMs, without the need for another launching system. There is a major disidvantage, however, in the amount of missiles the ML loses to the standard LRM system, the biggest variance beign 11 missiles less. That is why I see this weapon primariily as a weapon to giv close range firghters limited long range eaponary as they close with thier enemy, or as a an assistant sytem to LRM launchers, giving an acceptable long range punch and a good close range punch.
This is a good weapon, not a great weapon, becuase of it having to have many faults to keep the game even. It is still agood choice, utility wise.


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