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A sad day…

Posted by wars128 on September 29, 2007

I just saw this: “Mechground as been close due to many reasons but one main reason is I am tired to fight for keeping the site open, no recognition at all from after asking them 9 times over 2 years to post a link in their Fan Website, Others peoples sending me emails asking me to close due to the copyright issue and so and so and so…tired of this. A little bit of recognition from Official site of my work trying to keep OOP available for others to see will not have hurt anyone but give me a reason for my hard work
Thank You,
Well, this just sucks….this guy had a great, really usefull site, that quite a few people used and really apreciated, and now its gone. Now I know the legality of it was in question, but it still was very usefull when you didnt have a book on hand/ you didnt want to use a book for fear of damaging it more(Most of my TROs will be without covers fairly soon due to heavy reading.). Its simply a shame, and i hope that hes able to make a comeback.


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TRO Thursday!

Posted by wars128 on September 27, 2007

Todays TRO is perhaps my favorite of all. nearly all of my favorite designs are form this book, and I like its style the best. I am talking bout TRO 3058. This TRO has a wide variety of designs, from Inner Sphere vehicles and mechs, including colored pictures of their first omni mechs, to a wide array of clan first and second liners. Some of my favorite designs,stat wise and look wise, such as the Challenger MBt, the Alacorn, the Pillager, the Emperor, The Falcon Hawk, the Cauldron Born, the Kodiak, etc. This TRO also has a few level one designs that kinda stick out like a sore thumb..but since this TRO has a lot of old Star League designs it kinda fits. A great TRO, highly recommended!

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Weapon Wednesday!

Posted by wars128 on September 26, 2007

Today I will be looking at all the different ways you can replace an AC-20 with level one tech. Everyone likes the Ac-20, but a lot of times the weight is too much. Here are some alternatives:
The AC-20, plus heat sinks and 2 tons of ammo, is a staggering 22 tons…and if you don’t care about heat its still 16 tons.
The most popular alternative is to use 4 medium lasers. While it lacks the concentrated punch, they weigh only 4 tons without heat sinks, 16 with, and can be used in definitely.
Another way, which i’ve only seen once on an old Solaris VII mech, is to have a bunch of Machine Guns instead. 10 Machine Guns(thats 20 damage) weighs 5 tons, plus a half ton/whole ton for ammo. why not small lasers, you ask? Because machine guns create absolutely no heat. But the range is only a third of the AC 20s so it may not be the best option, certainly should not be your main weapon.
Last, but not least, you could use a variety of SRM racks, say a 4 and a 6.
Podcasts will be up sometime this week, I’m working on it, just having a lot of papers to do and such..

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New Tech Tuesday!

Posted by wars128 on September 25, 2007

Today I will be covering a weapon that could have been so unbalanced, so unstoppabble, but thankfully, it wasn’t. I am talkign about the clans new HAG system. HAG stands for Hyper Assault Gauss Rifle..odd name isn’t it. This weapon is sortof like a rotary gaus rifle, and tahkfully, each shot isnt full sized. It comes in flavors of 20, 30, and 40. I have not used it, but I am looking forward to it. Normally a “rotary Guass’ concept would seem to be a little unbalanced but The Powers That Be have seen to it that it isn’t. Congrats to them1

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Mech Monday: Custom Mechs

Posted by wars128 on September 24, 2007

Many people are satisfied with the Cannon designs that FASA and Wizkids have provided us. But also, many are not. you may simply want to correct an existing designs mistakes, modify it more to your liking, or make an entirely new design. Here is an example of each:
Existing Designs Mistakes-This can be as simple as removing that second ton of SRM 2 ammo or extra half ton MG ammo from a mech.
Modifying to your liking-Say, that you like PPCs a lot. So, you switch out the Enforcers AC 10 with a PPC. Not the best choice, but hey, you like what you like.
Entirely New Designfinally, we get the the section that contains the wackiest ideas of the three groups. This is where you have an idea that is not closely based on any cannon design, and this is perhaps the weirdest of all:The

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Busy Busy Busy, yet, yet, again…

Posted by wars128 on September 20, 2007

I severly apologize for the lack of shows and blog posts..things have been really busy around here with school and life. I should have a show for this coming week, but id like some suggestions for MOTW, VOTW, etc. i’m just getting back into rythm and soon there will be more shows.

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Hard week

Posted by wars128 on September 11, 2007

Updates and blog posts may be a bit scarce this week, due to the fact that I am very freaking busy. Hopefully, by next week everything will be back to normal. And if this cold will go away by the weekend, then yall will have a nice and shiny brand new show soon. New Tech Tues may or may not happen ths week, depending on how fast i can get my homework done.

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Review: Starter Book Sword and Dragon

Posted by ghost0402 on September 10, 2007

For those who have been around the game since early on, you surely remember the old unit/scenario books. The Black Widows, Kell Hounds, MAC, Highlanders and other units got a book dedicated to them, with their history, notable persons, TO&E at various times, and scenarios. While fan favorites, they died off after awile. Well folks, those books are back, sort of.

As the name implies, this is a Starterbook and is intended as a companion to the new Introductory Boxed Set. It is an easy way for a someone new to Classic Battletech to get deeper involved in the universe then with the Boxed Set

Sword and Dragon details 2 units. McKinnon’s Raiders of the 7th Crucis Lancers RCT(FedSuns), and Sorenson’s Sabres of the 5th Sword of Light though I think that changed(Draconis Combine). As with the earlier unit books, the Starterbook gives you a nice in depth history of both units, descriptions of members of both units, their TO&E through the years(So you can play in multiple time periods once you advance beyond the Boxed Set to Total Warfare and beyond), and some scenarios in the book. The back of the book even comes with quite a few record sheets so you can start playing in just a few minutes using either the Raiders or the Sabres. Being a supplement to the Boxed Set, the only other mechs mentioned and used in the Starterbook come from the boxed set, so no other rule books or supplemental material is required. The Scenarios are easy to use, and can be as simple or as detailed as you want since most of the scenario writing is up to you the player, so there is no limit on who can use and enjoy the scenarios. To top it off, the entire book is in color, and has some of the best artwork in a new book in recent memory.

All in all, for $20, this Starterbook is an excellent book for those new to the game, or those who have been around the universe for sometime.

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Weapon Wednesday!

Posted by wars128 on September 5, 2007

Which is better, the Small Laser, or the Machine Gun?
This has ben debated time and time again, tough I have never seen a clear answer. Here is my opinion:
If you can afford the heat, take the small laser. The extra damage and no ammo concerns easily out weigh the extra heat if you can afford it. On the other hand, if your short on heat sinks, but have a lot of extra space, then machine guns are good, but you must not remember the Cardinal Rule of When Mounting Machine Guns: Unless you are mounting an exorbitant number of Machine Guns to your mech, only put in a half ton of ammo. Many older mechs do not heed that rule, and end up having insane amounts of damage done to them by ammunition explosions. The no heat with these guns can balance out the less damage and increased weight due to ammo. But what if you don’t have much weight left, and can’t afford the heat? Well, though luck pal. Then its going to be your choice. and notice that i did not talk about all the ERs, Pulses, Light, Heavy, etc types, this is just a comparison of the two standard types. sorry clanners, I guess this really isn’t that helpful for you. I’ll make it up for yall sometime. Until then,

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New Tech of the week/Tech Tues

Posted by wars128 on September 4, 2007

Hey everyone! today I will be talking abut the MML, otherise known as the Multi-Missile Launcher. these weapons are seen as the Inner sphere’s response to the Clans ATM’s. While mst people see these wepons as helping long range suport mechs, I belive that they better help mechs that rely on short range firepower mostly. Most LRM boats have a decidingly weak short range armament, mostly consisting of Medium lasers. With the MLL system, if the enemy gets too close, you can now blast at them with SRMs, without the need for another launching system. There is a major disidvantage, however, in the amount of missiles the ML loses to the standard LRM system, the biggest variance beign 11 missiles less. That is why I see this weapon primariily as a weapon to giv close range firghters limited long range eaponary as they close with thier enemy, or as a an assistant sytem to LRM launchers, giving an acceptable long range punch and a good close range punch.
This is a good weapon, not a great weapon, becuase of it having to have many faults to keep the game even. It is still agood choice, utility wise.

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