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The Ultimate Urban Combat Team!(Part 1)

Posted by wars128 on August 20, 2007

I like urban combat. Maybe thats because 2 of my favorite weapons are LPLs and LBX-AC 20s…
any ways, here are the designs that feel are worthy, and why. Feel free to leave comments about this, or suggest others!
UrbanMech-Everyone loves the Urbie!!!
Panther– This mech thrives in urban combat.
Enforcer-Decent mobility, and nice weapons choices..
Hatchetman-That big axe.
Hunchback-No Brainer…
Wyvern-strange set of weapons, but boy do they work!
Anihilator-the 4 AC-10s!
Highlander-Having 90 tons coming crashing down onto you via the Highlander Burial!
Victor-AC-20 + jumpjets= yummy!
Thats it for now. The only designs I choose were ones designed for urban combat, not ones that simply ened up being used for it. Next up will cover level two IS designs!
(Vehicles to come eventually)


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