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Tech Tuesday!

Posted by wars128 on July 24, 2007

Welcome to tech tuesday, where I talk about and give my opinion of MaxTech and Total Warfare Tech. Right now your probably thinking: “Is he going to do something for each day?”
Well, here is what I have planned:
Mon: Mech Monday
Tues: Tech Tues
wed: Weapon Wednesday, where I talk about why I like or dislike a certain weapon
Thurs: possibly Tank thursday….
Fri: It would be great if someone who is into Aerotech would want to guest post on this day..could be Fighter Friday?Hmm?hmm?
Either Sat or sun: Site __, where I review a Batletech related site.
I probablly wont be able to do all of these each week, but I hope to do atleast 3 a week.
If anyone would like to guest post for any of these topics, just send me an email!
And now back to Tech Tues. Todays item is comming from the Max Tech book. It is Laser Anti Missile System. During the old(BMR)rules, the regular AMS was pretty much a joke, unless it was used on lighter mechs aginst lighter emchs, when it could actually make some diffrence. With the new rules, the LAMS is not as seen as favorably as before, but still has its uses. If you have a very low heat design, say, a mech relying on guass Rifles, for instance, and can afford the up to 12 extra heat points, then go for it, otherwise, dont bother. If you still play by the BMr rules, then this is a viable alternative to the regular AMS. Warning: on vehicles this will take up 13.5 tons, mostly due to heat sinks…
so there you have it, the very first tech tuesday!
Send any comments, suggestions, feedback, etc, to


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