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Mech Monday!

Posted by wars128 on July 23, 2007

Here it is, the first inagural Mech Monday!
During mech Monday I will talk about mechs!
Today I will be covering Inner Sphere light mechs. what I would like to see, is a custom design with a larger LRM launcher than a 10. Imagine it, a highly mobile (unfourtunatyly to get good speed would need an XL or light engine. I am guessing though, that Mercs would eat it up, since it is hard to get really good light fire support, and the ones that re available are not available to all. It would go really well with units that were composed oif mostly light mechs, and would be cheaper and fater tthan buying a much larger mech that couldn’t keep up with everyone else/fit in witrh thier doctrine.

Well, there it is! If you have any suggestions on what I should talk about on next Mech Monday or anything else, please email me at


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